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By October 25, 2017 November 7th, 2017 Script the Word

Good afternoon, sweet friends.

I have been working diligently to get this ready for your viewing and doing pleasure. While I had intended to have this prepared and ready to go by October 1, there were some obstacles that I had to overcome before I could complete this, and get it posted and ready for you to print and use at your leisure. My main obstacle…


It’s amazing what the enemy will do to try to keep you from assisting in the Lord’s Kingdom.

#ScriptTheWord is comprised of a monthly message, with an opportunity for you to write out the very Word of God on a daily basis. I have posted a video on my ministry page on Facebook, as well as my personal page that will go into more detail as to how to utilize this little goody that will be available (for free) with a new ‘message’ each and every month. Please visit one of those pages to see the video, if that is something you are interested in.

Click the link below the image to print and begin using today. You may either start today, or go back and begin with the first of October. Moving forward, my goal is to have the #ScriptTheWord template available to everyone the last day of each month. That way, you are prepared to dive into the Word of God with a new message for a new month.

Script the Word - Template

Script the Word – Template  **planner template designed by Erika Hull at **

In addition, beginning November 1, there will be daily devotionals that accompany each scripture right here on Please feel free to share this if you think someone you know would be interested. And… if you choose to do so, please use the hashtag #ScriptTheWord for any social media photos or posts, so I can see how you all are doing. This is going to be fun, y’all!!


I pray this is a blessing to you, and that you are always and forever…

Moved by Grace!




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