#ScriptTheWord : November Edition : Peace.

By October 31, 2017 November 7th, 2017 Script the Word

Welcome, friends… to the VERY FIRST FULL MONTH OF


I was on it this time. I set fear aside… along with pride, and care… and just made a choice to put it out there regardless of what others thoughts were. I’d rather be obedient and pleasing to the LORD, than try to please the masses.

This month’s ‘Message’ is PEACE. All things peace. Every day of the month, we will be scripting a verse(s) from His Holy Word in hopes that it will sink into our hearts, encourage us, and lift us up in our times of need. The entire month will be devoted to peace… how to find it, get it, receive it, store it up, grant it, live it. We are going to learn how to invite peace into our everyday lives. Along with writing out the Word of God, there will also be a daily devotional to accompany each scripture referenced on the printable below.

As per last month, please click the link below the graphic to access printing. Again, if you’re not diggin’ the background color selection for the month, please feel free to print your list in greyscale. You will find this option in your printer’s settings.

Now get to clickin’ and get to printin’.

Nov STW-2

 Script The Word Template **planner template designed by Erika Hull at ChaoticBlessing.com **

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I pray this is a blessing to you, and that you are always and forever…

Moved by Grace!




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