#ScriptTheWord: January Edition: Forgiveness.

By January 1, 2018 Script the Word

Oh goodness, y’all! It is January 2018. I knew it was coming, but still can’t believe it’s here.

I want to start this year off right… and that means including the Mighty Word of God in my life EVERYDAY, and I pray you will join me. Below, you will find a clickable/printable version of #ScriptTheWord for the month of January.

FOLKS… We are going to study, meditate on, and revel in God’s Word and see what HE has to say about the message:  FORGIVENESS.  This is a HUGE topic, and could be studied for more than a month, but we are going to take these particular scriptures, write them out, meditate on them, and live them as we learn…

*How to forgive

*Why to forgive

*Who to forgive

*The benefits of forgiveness

(This list could go on and on. Let’s just say… we are going to put into practice what the Lord says in regards to this topic, and reap the blessings that come with doing so.)

[Original size] Script the Word - Template-2

Click HERE, print and begin your journey to forgiveness.

** Planner template designed by Erika Hull at ChaoticBlessing.com **

If you are unfamiliar with writing the Word of God through #ScriptTheWord, please visit this post for more information.

Oh, how I pray this is a blessing to you… that you make time to write, and consider the scripture of the day.  If you choose to take photos and/or share this post, please use the hashtag #ScriptTheWord and tag me on social media so I can see how you are using the template provided to spend time with the Lord. I’d love nothing more than to share in your involvement.

** NOTE:  If you are using this template in your personal sized planner, there may be a day or two where you will need to use extra paper, notecards, or something similar, to tip into your planner to accommodate the length of the verses. Please do not skip over these days due to the length of the writing. These scriptures are so very important to the understanding of the subject matter.

Friends… as always, I pray that you are blessed by this practice, these verses, the message, and your personal time spent in the presence of the LORD as you learn from, relate to, and SCRIPT His Holy Word.


moved by Grace,





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