#ScriptTheWord: February Edition: Realign.

By January 31, 2020 Freebies, Script the Word


This months #ScriptTheWord is all about aligning ourselves with God and His most holy of Words.

Maybe I should restate that and say that we will be RE*ALIGNING ourselves with Him.

There are times when we just don’t feel Him… not His presence… not His promises… not even His love.

There are times when we are numb, discombobulated, feeling lost.

There are times when we need to change our position, or outlook on something; and in doing so, we often find ourselves with the ‘last resort’ of connecting with a God who so desperately wants our focus. Don’t allow your response to misalignment be a last ditch endeavor to get closer to God.  MAKE HIM YOUR FIRST PRIORITY.

Let us take this month and learn a bit about being in alignment with God. Let us readjust our thinking and positioning on some issues we may have. Let’s reorganize and reorient ourselves with the Word of the Lord, and get back to what we know to be true.

Just like going to a chiropractor for a realignment of our spines, we often need to REALIGN ourselves with what GOD has to say… and not others.

So… HERE IT IS, y’all. Grab your FREE copy of this month’s #ScriptTheWord here , and get back to what you know to be true.

moved by Grace.