spotlight series: going under.


So, what do you do after a lymphoma diagnosis? Ya go to Outback and eat lobster tails!

Why?!!?! Because you are hungry, your Momma loves lobster, and you KNOW GOD’S GOT THIS!

My mom was recently diagnosed with lymphoma. We are not sure of the type, or treatment plan as of yet, but we are certain that the Lord’s hands are all over this! 

To be completely authentic and transparent, this has been an extremely trying time for me. I live in Oklahoma, and she in West Virginia. Yes… I have a brother who lives within twenty minutes of her, but he works and has five children to care for. My sister lives in Kentucky, and has four children, as well as a career in which she does not have the flexibility to leave at will. I am the only one, though the farthest away, who has the ability  to travel to be with her during this time… so I do.

In saying that, I can assure you that I count it a blessing to be able to do so.

I left Oklahoma at the beginning of February in order to be with her and attend doctors appointments as a second pair of ears. I was blessed enough to stay with her for a month before returning home to prepare for a much longer stay. I will be returning to her within the next week to attend the appointment in which she will receive the results of her bone marrow biopsy, and subsequent treatment plan.

(As of this post date, I have been back with my mom for about a month.)

Now… while I was gone the first month, I felt a great pull to do all the things for all the people, both in West Virginia AND in Oklahoma. To be quite honest, this is a no-brainer for me, as my mom needs me more than my offspring at this point.

I am overwhelmed to say the very least. Overwhelmed. Displaced. Disrupted. Worried. And feel a great sense of being unable to breathe properly. It’s as though I’m drowning, suffocating, unable to come up for air; but with that being said, I also know these things will pass. How, you may ask… because I KNOW the One who walks on water, and He is more than capable of holding me afloat. I trust Him in that and lean on Him daily as a reminder that HE is my strength, though I feel so terribly weak in this moment. 

The good news is that I am not required to be strong. My strength strictly comes from the LORD, and my hope is that He will keep my head above water during this trial… and I have no doubt that He will. It’s a promise we are given in His most Holy of Words. And I stand on that… as a firm foundation; without which I would certainly drown.

Let me encourage you in this: whatever your situation or circumstance at this time… 

*Know that you are not alone.

*Know that you have people around you who will lift you up in prayer and deed. 

*Know that you serve a God who keeps His promises… He is incapable of lying. His Word says so. It’s not in His nature to do so. 

*Know that when you are feeling less than… He is more than enough.

*Know that when you are feeling not enough, He, most definitely IS.

*Know that He will see you through whatever trial or tribulation you are being allowed to endure, and that He will sustain you even when you feel you cannot go on.

Going under. Drowning. Unable to breathe. Those things are so very easy for Him to step in and control… IF YOU ALLOW HIM. Get out of His way, friends, and let Him do as He says He will do. The Lord wants nothing more than for you to put your faith and trust in HIS abilities, and for you to not try to take on more than you are given. 

Will He give you more than you can handle? 


Why? Because He wants you to look to Him for guidance. To lean not on your own understanding, but to trust in His work. To remain in relationship with Him, or to pull you back to Him. He will, certainly, do whatever He needs to to get you to Him. To trust Him. To love Him. To serve Him. And in serving others, you ARE serving Him.

I have madd faith that His hands have been, are, and will continue to be all over this momentary situation, and that He will come out victorious. This is just another opportunity for His glory to shine and…


To worship while I wait. To use this as a testament to His goodness; and to see to it that He is revered through it all. I challenge you to do the same in your particular situation.