I love to hear how God is working in your life, especially when the words God has given me have spoken to your heart, so please feel free to share them with me!

Below are some testimonies from both men and women that I have had the pleasure to speak into personally, and through this blog.

The first time I met Candice in person I had to have written permission and a contract from my team of doctors at the inpatient facility I was in for severe anorexia, self-injurious behaviors, other mental health issues, and a slew of medical complications. Insufficiency, which was the initial reason for meeting after connecting on a group on Facebook. From the very beginning of our friendship Candice had the ability to meet me where I was in my heart-healing journey yet be so open, honest, and loving to not allow me to stay broken and aching heart but she could see where I was headed as I began taking my pain to the altar and nailing it to The Cross.

Candice has been not only a friend but also like a mother and a mentor. She is not afraid to ask me the hard questions, the ones that make me think. Support me and understand my struggles.

I have many testimonies that have happened since meeting Candice. She has eaten challenging meals with me from ice cream to cheeseburgers and french fries to pizza. Trusted that He has both of our best interests and a specific purpose. It would have been easy to go around and force the issue to make it fit what we wanted.


I met Candice in an Addison’s support group. She always remained true to her faith in the support group and offered friendship, prayers, and wisdom with other people that were suffering the same way she was. She NEVER allowed her Addison’s to affect how she shared her Faith to other people. When my Mom passed on December 4, 2015 I went through a TERRIBLE time with learning how to live and cope with the loss.

Candice had posted a picture of a prayer shawl another fellow Addison’s sufferer had made her and I merely liked the picture and commented how beautiful it was and had asked how much. Candice paid for the majority of the shawl for me because she felt that God had led her in the direction to help with that cost. She asked not to be given credit for it and just wanted to remain anonymous. She is so humble. This gesture showed me that there are people everywhere praying for me and that there is still so much good and Faith in this world. Also in her doing so I made another friend who has Addison’s and who is strong in her Faith.

Candice, you should know that this gesture made a HUGE impact on me. I've been a Christian for as long as I can remember but doing random acts of kindness and showing my Faith through actions hasn't always been my strong suit. I feel now that I should always show people my Faith and to always show compassion through my actions. I should also mention that Candice and I have never met in person, she has shown her Faith through FB and text. Some might say that FB is not a good way to witness, well I would definitely disagree. Without FB I would have never met Candice, my fellow Addison’s sufferer and sister in Christ.


Candice, your obedience to the Lord is what touches my heart and drives me in my own ministry quest. The strength and drive that you exhibit as you joyfully post words of strength and encouragement in midst of your own battles with pain and life drives me to be a better man of God and look past excuses and just do what the Lord has called me and others to do. Thank you for always being willing to step out of your comfort zone to do what the Lord has laid on your heart and to help other to find FREEDOM in Jesus. I'm excited in what Lord has planned for you and can't wait to get to minister alongside you and your family. God Bless my sister in Christ and dear friend!


I just want to give a shout out to a lady who inspires me every time I encounter her in any way. It doesn't matter if it is on facebook or face-to-face, she makes me feel so good inside. She has the Holy Sprit all over her. She also has health problems but you would never know it. Even on her worst days she is an inspiration. She reminds me that I am so lucky to be a child of God. She will go out of her way to make you understand Gods love. I feel so blessed to call her friend. Thank you Candice Waller for sharing Gods love with all of us. You rock my socks sister.

Jo JoOklahoma

I guess it was 1987, I was new to this small town in Virginia called Bluefield. It was my first day in school, strange faces, different dialect, new feeling of no friends. Well this bubbly girl was the first to approach me and make me feel welcomed. I never forgot this girl, even some 25 plus years. Her name , Candice Beavers. We have remained friends, yet, slightly out of touch via distance, lack of technology as of today. Well Facebook came about and my old friend and myself had become reacquainted. She had become a devout Christian, and myself; an alcoholic. I'd chastise her post and question her belief in Christ until one day I fell upon wounded knee and asked her advice.

Candice gave me so much more than advice. She gave me a direction, a path, and the courage to break down the walls I had built myself. It was a slow walk, yet, a walk. Thru the humbled advice of a caring friend, unfortunate circumstance at my job, and the birth of my beautiful daughter, August 3rd 2016 will be my second year of sobriety. Thru Christ we have strength, Phil. 4:13


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